Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Service

HOS offers a comprehensive inspection service of your property. 

A HOS employee will carry out the inspection in accordance with a mutually agreed action list and at the requested intervals. During this inspection, photos will be taken and sent to you by email.

An inspection will also take place following alarm reports and any severe weather conditions, although as many preventive measures as possible will be taken before such events.

HOS can assist you with the repair, maintenance and/or renovation of your house. Services include:

  • Control of pump installations, heating or cooling installations, solar installations, batteries, solar panels and generator
  • Ventilating of rooms and taking care of the flow of pipes and drains
  • Interior/exterior decorating, including shutters
  • Plastering
  • Electrical works
  • Plumbing works
  • Moving and/or starting your vehicle(s) periodically
  • Arranging maintenance and/or repair of your vehicle(s)

The above will be carried out by our own team or where necessary, by HOS-approved external parties.

If you use our inspection service, it can often prevent more costly repairs as our property inspectors will often highlight any issues that require repair or maintenance before they suffer further decay.

Any issues discovered during an inspection will be photographed and sent to you with a report and quotation for the repair. Upon receipt of your approval, we will make sure the works are carried out to the highest standard.